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Introduction to our Whiskey/Bourbon blog

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

Whether you’re a malt master or simply looking for a reason to dip your toe in the amber water of life for the first time, then come along and join us on an adventure exploring all things whiskey. We are just regular folks who enjoy the world of grain spirits. Be it Bourbon, whisky, rye or any other spirits under the amber rainbow.

Now, Drew’s always had a soft spot for whiskey and Mandee’s got kin from Bourbon County, Kentucky, so it’s in her blood. We met and fell in love over a few Old Fashions and ever since, have been exploring new tipples and alcoholic concoctions together. We started talking about making a YouTube Channel reviewing American Whiskey after a trip over to visit the folks in Arkansas. After stopping at a Drive Through Liquor Shop outside of Little Rock and seeing so many American Craft Whiskies we hadn’t tried yet, we knew we had to come back and share with everyone who gives a dram.

It’s not so easy to find much Whiskey and Bourbon over here, outside the holy trinity of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Evan Williams. We are hoping to change all that, which is why you are here, right?

Of course, we are spoiled living so close to Scotland and Ireland, we will also share some of our favourite bottles of whisky (or Scotch) too! We’ll always tell you what drinks we give a dram about and when we, well… frankly, don’t give a dram.

So keep on reading and please share your thoughts on what matters to you and let’s give a dram together.

Finally, welcome and thank you for stopping by are little blog about whisky.

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